Did we find it?

Finding Trapper Lake


I’ve never found such adverse and diverse situations on a trip before, then when we went to find Trapper Lake. ┬áThis was by far the hardest trip I’ve ever been on, not to mention the longest at over 21 days.

On July 9th, I left Chicago in my 2005 Ford Expedition, loaded with a trunk and car carrier full of packs, boots, food, and climbing gear to help conquer pretty much anything that would be thrown at us, except the one thing that became the hardest to understand and anticipate: a group dynamic. I wouldn’t know exactly what we were getting ourselves into until a week later when we were all uncomfortably packed like sardines into a very over stuffed Expedition bumping along an old gravel road leading deep into the North Cascades National Park. It was only then, after the planning, packing, flights, repacking and driving, did we get a glimpse of what exactly we were putting ourselves up against.

Over the next few months, I’ll highlight some parts and get into the nitty gritty of other parts of the trip, as well as the next two trips that are scheduled for this September, to explain why a group of hikers and climbers decided to go find a lake in the middle of the Cascades that has been abandoned… and for good reason!

I hope you stick around, as the story is worth it, and the film that we are capturing will hopefully be even more worth the wait.

On the next blog post, I’ll delve deep into day one, and the biggest shock we were about to experience on the whole trip.